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Ainerua Martins Oshioriamhe

Ainerua Martins Oshioriamhe

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MSc Environmental Quality Management; University of Benin Nigeria

BSc Animal and Environmental Biology; University of Benin Nigeria

I am a Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) funded student from Nigeria conducting my PhD in Environmental Biology. My research aims to investigate the role PAHs play in the cardiac activities of fresh water animals. Using Crayfish and Trout as model animals, we intend to investigate using electrophysiology and toxicology techniques, how Phenanthrene alters the cardiac activities of animals by assessing Phenanthrene’s influence on cardiac ions channels of myocytes and cardiac muscle force-frequency relationship. This will go a long way to support the effects of lower molecular weight PAHs on fish cardiac activities as well as support the mechanistic mode of Phenanthrene toxicity as put forward by Brette et al., 2017.

The study also attempt to successfully isolate cardiac cells from crayfish and subject the cells to electrophysiology examination using Phenanthrene. Our toxicology results should help to establish the potential of Crayfish to bioaccummulate Phenanthrene in its organs and tissues.

This study is particularly relevant in establishing and supporting Phenanthrene mechanism of toxicity to fresh water animals as well as provides evidence that the effects seen upon exposure of aquatic animals to PAH pollution especially from oil related source is due to Phenanthrene.

The study will be closely supervised by Dr Holly Shiels and co-supervised by Dr Keith White and Dr Bart Van Dongen.