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Alex Holsgrove

Alex Holsgrove

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  • BSc (hons) Biology with Industrial Experience, UoM.

I got my first taste of research experience during my industrial placement year in Professor Pörtner’s lab at the AWI Bremerhaven, investigating the effects of temperature and hypercapnia on cephalopod mitochondrial capacities.

I am now a BBSRC DTP student supervised by Holly Shiels and Gina Galli, studying the role of mitochondria in hypertrophic remodelling in fish hearts.

A physiological hypertrophic response can be induced in ectotherms without the need for surgical intervention making fish excellent models for hypertrophic research. The cellular roles of mitochondria have expanded far beyond the traditional “cellular powerhouses” in recent years and as such, the field of mitochondrial physiology is an interesting and exciting place to be in!

Interests include: guitars, architecture and brass instruments.

Twitter: @AHolsgrove