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Karlina Ozolina

Karlina Ozolina

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MRes Biological Sciences

BSc (hons) Zoology with Industrial Experience.

I am a NERC funded PhD student investigating the effects of environmental stressors on fish physiology. The main aim of my work is linking swimming performance (mainly the energetics and kinematics of fish locomotion) to cardiac physiology, and how it is affected by environmental changes such as increase in temperature or decrease in oxygen (hypoxia). By looking at physiological determinants of whole animal performance in brown trout and European sea bass I hope to shed light on how these economically and ecologically important species will survive in an era of climate change. Other interests include cockles, science communication and drawing animals.

Twitter: @karlinaoz


Overgaard J, Andersen JL, Findsen A, Hansen K, Ozolina K and Wang T (2012) Aerobic Scope and cardiovascular oxygen transport is not compromised at high temperatures in the toad Rhinella marina. J Exp Biol 215(20): 3519-26