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Miriam Fenkes

Miriam Fenkes

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BSc in Biology, Cologne University, 2008

MSc in Ecology, Evolution & Nature Conservation,  University of Potsdam, 2011

I am a BBSRC DTP funded PhD student interested in how climate change, particularly water temperature, affects the reproduction of migratory fish, such as salmonids. At the moment, I am investigating how brown trout (Salmo trutta) male reproductive effort and success are affected by increases in water temperature. I am studying aspects of their behaviour towards females, as well as their sperm quality and fertilisation success in response to different temperatures in their holding tanks. In another experiment, I am studying the effects of captive rearing on brown trout juveniles and how we can change their captive environment to improve their chances of survival in the wild, where they are commonly introduced to boost wild population numbers.


Fenkes, M., Fitzpatrick, J. L., Ozolina, K., Shiels, H. A. & Nudds, R. L. (under review). Sperm in hot water: Direct and indirect thermal challenges interact to impact on brow trout sperm quality. Journal of Experimental Biology, 03/2017.

Fenkes, M., Shiels, H. A., Fitzpatrick, J. L., & Nudds, R. L. (2016). The potential impacts of migratory difficulty, including warmer waters and altered flow conditions, on the reproductive success of salmonid fishes. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology193, 11-21.